Article name; Burnie, F. (, 2016, SEPT. 17). Why College Rankings Are a Joke. Th

Article name; Burnie, F. (, 2016, SEPT. 17). Why College Rankings Are a Joke. The New York Times. Inside higher education.
1) introduce you to the literature of higher and post secondary education,
(2) acquaint you with some of the issues that are in or related to higher education governance;
(3) give you practice in developing and communicating thoughtful reactions to what you read in the literature;
(4) help you make connections between theory/research and current realities of governance and organization of higher education;
(5) help you reflect on what you bring to your analysis of the article in the area of biases and assumptions.
The paper should address an article from,,
Your task is to find a major article that interests you and is relevant to this course, read, and reflect on it, and write a short 5 page paper which first, briefly summarizes the article and second, communicates a thoughtful reaction to it. Your reaction might be in the form of an opinion on an issue; a series of questions about the topic which, if answered, would further illuminate it; a careful weighing of the pro’s and con’s on an issue; etc. It is NOT enough merely to say so-and-so is “interesting” or that “you agree.” WHY is it interesting? What do you THINK about it? WHY do you agree (or disagree)? How is it RELATED TO OUR STUDY of the governance and organization of higher education? Given what you have studied in the course, how might you INTERPRET or MAKE MEANING of the article?
Your reaction paper should have several key content components and be well written. It will:
Introduce the article and provide an overview of the key concepts or ideas presented in the article
Describe what you believe, and what the readings in the course indicate, to be the weakness and strengths in the authors’ argument, claims, methodology, and/or best practices that are presented.
Provide a personal, critical reaction and reflection to the article and make explicit your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing, and clearly articulate your own biases or assumptions that lead you to your position
Offers new insights, or new interpretations of article based on knowledge gained from course material.
Be written in a well organized manner, in APA format, and have few errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
On the cover page, be sure to include a complete APA-style citation for the article.
IN addition:
you must connect with one of these books:
– ASHE Reader Series: Organization and Governance in Higher Education. Sixth Edition. Edited by cristopher Brown
Academic Leadership and Governance of Higher Education ( Aguide for trust, leaders, and aspiring Leades of Two – and Four- years institution. by Robert Hendrickson and…lets

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