Assignment prompt: Write about either “Tecumseh’s Vision” or “Trail of Tears” on

Assignment prompt:
Write about either “Tecumseh’s Vision” or “Trail of Tears” on Kanopy, but not both.
Answer the below questions with one substantial paragraph per answer (minimum 4 sentences,
maximum 200 words). The first sentence of the paragraph should answer a how question, not
merely restate the topic. The rest of the paragraph should provide information and quotes
drawn from assigned reading and films in order to provide examples that support your answer.
1) How did the documentary narrate history? Consider the range of sources it used, and
provide at least one example of how it used sources to explain or narrate history.
2) According to the documentary, how did indigenous people resist attempts to displace
them from their lands?
3) According to the documentary, what significance or legacy did indigenous resistance to
their displacement have upon indigenous people?
4) According to the documentary, what significance or legacy did conflict over land with
indigenous people have for the U.S. government, U.S. citizens, and/ or U.S. history?
Extra credit (up to 3 points): According to Greg Grandin, what impact did Andrew Jackson have
on U.S. history?
Identifying and Citing Sources
When quoting a documentary, you must identify in your writing who or what you are quoting—
for example, the narrator of the documentary, the name and title of a person interviewed by
the documentary, the name of an historical figure, a particular document, etc. If the meaning of
the quote is not obvious, you should analyze and/ or explain the quote’s meaning and how it
helps support your argument.
If you complete the extra credit assignment, you should put page numbers in parentheses at
the end of your sentences to cite the pages of the Grandin text that you quote.
You should not use outside sources (including web sites) for this assignment. But if you do, you
must cite those outside sources using footnotes or endnotes formatted according to the
Chicago Manual of Style:
Failure to place verbatim text from other sources in quotes, failure to cite outside sources, or
having someone complete your assignment for you are forms of plagiarism and violations of the
student code. Students who are found to have plagiarized will receive a zero for the
assignment, and no opportunity to redo the assignment.

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