**Creating a Graphic Organizer for this assignment Chapter one in your course te

**Creating a Graphic Organizer for this assignment Chapter one in your course text discusses a variety of different theories/perspectives that are fundamental to the study of child development. Within each theory lies a component that explains the social and emotional development of the child. For this assignment, you are to create a graphic organizer to visually represent the information for each of the following theories: (1) Psychoanalytic theory, (2) Behavioral Theory, (3) Social Learning (4) Maturational Theory, (5) Cognitive Theory, (6) Sociocultural Theory, (7) Bioecological Systems Theory, and (8) Humanistic Theory. You may create one organizer that depicts all of them together in an interconnected fashion, or you can create a small one for each of the seven. The picture above is a generic example of how it might look, with the name of the theory or perspective in the middle and other items around it, but you can organize it however you like as long as it is not only text based. For each theory on your graphic organizer you will want to include the following information: 1. Name of theory or perspective 2. Major theorist/s responsible for the theory or perspective 3. Short definition of the theory or perspective 4. Explanation of how the theory or perspective addresses social and emotional development 5. Your opinion of the theory or perspective (you can put this on a separate page if that is easier) Each of the 8 models/theories is represented with all four required items Information is presented graphically, rather than text-based only. Will send more copies of the textbook. Once again the format for this assignment is supposed to be like a graphic organizer *Please be aware that your course text may not offer enough information on all these theories. The use of other sources is recommended.

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