Discussion: Communicating Modern Messages Texting and instant messaging were onc

Discussion: Communicating Modern Messages
Texting and instant messaging were once regarded as communication tools used only by teens for casual communication. However, these tools are making their way into offices, hospitals, and other professional settings. With all of these new types of communication at our fingertips, it can be a challenge to decide which one to use and when to use it.
This week, you read about when it is appropriate to use e-mail, faxing, memos, instant messaging, texting, and letters for professional communication. In this Discussion, you will use the guidelines in the reading to determine which type of media is the most effective professional communication for your message.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Chapter 4, pages 116-148, in the course text, Successful Writing at Work, and the required articles for this week.
Reflect upon the ways you convey written messages in a professional setting. When would it be more appropriate to use e-mail, fax, memo, text, instant message, or a hand-written note?
Recall written communications that you have sent or received. When was a more formal, rather than an informal, approach required? Who was the intended audience, and why does consideration of audience matter?
By Day 3
Post a 1- to 2-paragraph descriiption of the effective types of media for communicating messages that you currently use in a professional setting. Include an explanation of why this media is an effective way to communicate your messages.
Cite two examples from the reading to support your answers.

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