Hi I did this proposal before and I didn’t pass it because there is a lot that I

Hi I did this proposal before and I didn’t pass it because there is a lot that I need to change and I need to implement the feed back from my advisor and edit on proposal to be like what the advisor want .And the topic is the same only implement the feed back .
I upload the first file which is the original proposal and the other files contain the comment that the advisor mentioned and what to change .
know I will put the feed back from the advisor :
(Overall, this proposal needs a lot more thought and attention to detail to warrant a pass. You needed to include evidence of relevant reading – there is whole host of literature in this domain. There are large amounts of stylistic issues throughout this piece of work – it seems rushed. Proofreading is key.
Title: Interesting title..makes me want to read on.
Summary/Introduction/Abstract: A few context-setting sentences and a quote would help bed the work into a solid framework, re stats- use of MCJ cases to show the importance of this area if it goes wrong. In the disso proper, you will need to start broader – with a discussion around the definition of evidence. You will also need to state early on which country(ies) you are referring to within this dissertation, which legal system will you be concentrating on etc. You need to demonstrate your breadth and depth of academic reading- journal articles are the best source at this level of academic study. All statements need an accompanying reference.
Aims and objectives/research question: too vague and not relevant for a literature review type of methodology- which you are doing- I think but you have not made it clear.
Why is the research worth doing/ Literature review/ Rationale: This section is way too basic- you needed to give a lit review type of section to demonstrate the gap in the literature. A discussion re the definition of evidence across different legal systems should start this section. Again, you need to go to journal articles and demonstrate your breadth and depth of academic reading. Structure is going to be important in the dissertation proper, a flowing coherent narrative. Any relevant theory?
Design and Method: you needed to include detail in this section- i.e. what you intend to do? It is not clear at all. We will need to have a tutorial examining these issues. You don’t seem to know what is qualitative and quantitative research philosophies- and you have not outlined exactly what methods you will be employing.
Ethics: if a literature review then no ethical issues.
Action plan- timeline: you need one. We will put together a timetable of submission dates per chapter and meeting dates after each submission.
References: A little tightening up.

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