In order to make an effective presentation to the vice presidents of your compan

In order to make an effective presentation to the vice presidents of your company, you may consider several things—w hat outfit to wear, the colors of your PowerPoint® slides, or how you would like the tables and chairs to be arranged. It is equally important to consider what keys are needed for effective written communication. In this Discussion, you’ll have an opportunity to explore how these keys are put into practical use in your professional setting.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Review Chapter 1 of the course text. Consider the differences in style and tone of technical and nontechnical writing, as described in the text. How do the keys to professional writing, as described in the text, affect how you write your messages?
Recall the professional e-mails you send and receive, and identify your audience. How did these written communications affect your performance?
Generalize about how emotions, audience, or culture can affect the way in which you compose a message. Which written messages that you have sent in the past in a professional setting have achieved the desired outcome and which have not?
Post a brief (1- to 3-sentence) descriiption of your professional setting. Then, in 1–2 paragraphs, identify the keys of effective professional writing and what makes these keys effective in the writing process.
Cite two examples from the reading to support your answers.
Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources, or something you have read, heard, seen, or experienced.

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