Instructions: For this assignment, you are to use the terminology you have le

For this assignment, you are to use the terminology you have learned to create a story. Your story should contain at least 20 separate word parts. These can be a combination of prefixes, root words or suffixes. You are also required to use at least 10 abbreviations in your creation as well. J
Your story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. You are allowed to combine word parts (cardiology would count as 2 – cardi and ology), but you are not required to do this. You are not allowed to have sentences that group many together….for example: Mrs. C fell down and injured her crani, osteo, encephal, cardi, etc…..
Be creative and be prepared to share your stories with us.
Include the meaning of the word part/abbreviations in your story. Underline the word parts. Make sure that you have 35 different parts. Use as many from your list as possible, however, you may use other lists that are available to you.
Make sure that you use proper grammar and punctuation, even though it may not look exactly correct with the word parts instead of the actual word. Have fun with this.
It was a brady(slow) day at work for Mrs. C when all of a sudden a car crashed into a bus in the parking lot. There had been a mal(bad) accident and someone yelled “Get the RN(Registered Nurse). We need her stat(immediately)!” Hemi(half) of my cup of Diet Dew orrhea’d(flowed) trans(across) my desk as I ran out yelling “Someone call 911”. The driver of the truck was in algia(pain) from the cut over his ocul(eye). The emia(blood) was pouring down his cheek. My first priority was to get the hema(blood) to stasis(stop).

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