Length: min 1,200 words Basic Fromat Introduction, Body, and a Conclusion Gradin

Length: min 1,200 words
Basic Fromat Introduction, Body, and a Conclusion
Grading: in three parts:
Writing considerations: Writing ability, knowledge of the topic, how friendly the Paper is to read (any pictures, charts or graphs?)
Research: Not fewer than three (3) academic-level references, whether online or hardcopy — Wikipedia is NOT acceptable as a reference for this purpose, NOR is a blog, NOR is a Textbook.
Analysis: How the selected entity is described as relating to a “market type” as studied in our Economics class, using a graphic representation or verbal description.
Microeconomics students must present a real-world company or other entity to analyze from a Microeconomics perspective. Convey the following information: Company is APPLE
the company’s “market type”, such as Competitive, Monopoly, Oligopoly or Monopolistic Competition, plus
whether it is a Private Enterprise, Government entity or Non-Governmental Organization, and
whether the product it purveys is a good or a service, and
whether that product is a private good, a public good, a Common Resource or a Club Good/Natural Monopoly.
Present information about
the Industry in which that company or other entity fits,
the approx number of enterprises in it, in the US only or globally, and
the dollar value and percent of overall output represented by that industry, and
the approx. percent of output in that industry represented by your selected entity.
the overall operations,
production (how it produces its product),
marketing strategy (how it spreads awareness of its product),
sales strategy (how it distributes its product), and
customer service (how it responds to product issues)
Explain how the company’s strategy does (or perhaps does not) fit within the structure of “market type” mentioned at the beginning.

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