(Pls contact through text like email as i am not good at speaking english) Focus

(Pls contact through text like email as i am not good at speaking english)
Focus is on critical analysis and requires you to first review and apply relevant theory(ies) to gain insight into the case study and then provide recommendations based on the theories you used to improve the situation described in the case study. A number of theories covered in the unit apply to this case study. You are required to particularly examine the most salient (covered in topics 8-10) and, based on your understanding, use this/these to diagnose the issues in the case study and make appropriate recommendations.
Cover Page
• Include, your name, student number, unit code (MGB200), tutor’s name, tutorial time, and the final word count of your take home exam.
Literature Review
In the first section of your analysis you will need to review relevant theory(ies). This is best achieved by writing a short literature review. If you are unsure of what a literature review is, literature reviews are commonly used in journal articles to define and discuss the fit of specific theories to the context of what the journal article is all about. When doing your research for this task, take a look at how the authors of journal articles introduce, define and discuss the theories they are talking about in their articles.
You only have limited word-count so make sure you prioritise which theory(ies) you utilise.
• Apply the theory(ies) you reviewed to the case, discussing which aspects of the experience can be explained by the theory(ies), and analyse the situation (with support from literature/journal articles) to determine what could be improved from the organisational perspective.
• Generate recommendations that identify what needs to be done to address the issue(s), being sure to provide a clearly defined pathway (steps/goals) for improvement that highlights your understanding of the relevant theory(ies)
Reference List:
•Your reference list must be formatted in the current (7th edition) APA Style
•Use a hanging indent (paragraph formatting setting)
•Do not use Wikipedia, consultant websites or online essays
•Do not reference the lecture slides. Instead, look at the references in each slide or at the end of a set of slides to guide your research for supporting arguments.
•Do use (reference) journal articles and textbooks to support your arguments
Length/Word Count:
The word limit for the take home exam is 1500 words. This word count includes general text, headings, references, tables, footnotes, etc. However, the word limit does not include the cover page, reference list, page headers or footers, or any appendices you decide to include. Please note that content within the appendix will not contribute to your grade.
The word limit is 1500 words. Anything beyond 1500 words will not be read or marked. If you go beyond the word limit you are likely to lose marks for your recommendations and written expression.
We suggest you assign your word count as follows:
Literature review (≈600-800 words)
Diagnosis (≈250-350 words)
Recommendations (≈250-350 words)
(This assessment has 2 part, i only need help to complete the first part, first part is case analysis. Above are the requirements for first part of assessment, strongly suggest use most the theory and model from addtional material file to write the essay. Those file are from the tutorial, and highly suggest using Job demand resource (JDR) model to analyse as tutor said my essay need to include that to analyse the case. )

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