PROJECT: Using GIS procedures to enhance a selected road in your study area (cou

PROJECT: Using GIS procedures to enhance a selected road in your study area (county).
You must study your county and select a (1) major road/highway to enhance by widening it (increase the number of lanes it has by about 50%). Select the GIS procedures (Buffer and Overlay) for this task.
Title: Give your project a title (make sure the title makes sense in terms of the Project).
B. Body of the Term Project Report: The following is the body of your Report (3 pages plus a cover page (total 4 pages)). The font should be Times New Roman, size 12. Line spacing should be single; margins should be Normal (1” around).
Write a brief introduction of your Term Project (about half a page).
STUDYAREA Your study area is the county selected in Class, you should write something about your study area. Readers would like to get some idea about your study area. Write about half a page and include a figure (a map) of your study area.
DATA The data for this Term Project are the coverages (LULC, Soil, and Road). Write something about your data so such as why they are important and so your readers can get some idea of your data.
METHOD (use your notes, the Textbook, & emailed materials). You will be using ArcGIS (a GIS software). Write (describe) what you did and how you were able to do them.
RESULTS and CONCLUSION Write something about what was obtained in this Project. Create figures/maps of the data (coverages) and also the final coverage when GIS procedure(s) were applied
(used). If you wish/like, you could include/use the AAT/PAT in your report as Table(s). In conclusion, please write something about your GST/GIS experience in this project/work and the outcome(s) obtained.
References (this comes after the Results and Conclusion)
Please check out/find out what is a reference. The materials (as books, journals , papers, and
websites) used in conducting (doing) this project must be listed including your Textbook.
Appendix (a separate page following your Report – page 5)
Please find out what is an appendix and how it can be used. Anything extra that you have, which is/are importance to the Project can be placed in the Appendix. Please note that for this report, it should just be 1(one) page.
The County I am doing is “Cecil county” IN Maryland.

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