See attachments for all instructions. Read: These articles are here to help yo

See attachments for all instructions.
These articles are here to help you identify what scholarly reflective journaling is and the model that will be utilized for grading.
Keeping a Practice DiaryActions
Reflective Academic WritingActions
DEAL + Model for Critical ReflectionActions
The Making of a ButterflyActions
Here is an example of an exemplary scholarly reflective journal. This journal as annotated in the margins exemplifies what is being asked for in the creation of this nexus of transformation.
Example of an Exemplar Scholarly Reflective JournalActions
Here is a journal template Download journal template that is formatted with the required elements. Please rename the file with the following convention and delete the exemplary directions before uploading. MBeck_ScholarlyJournal_01.10.18. Reflective writing is in the first-person active voice. You may not speak for other nurses or nursing as a profession. Avoid verbs that carry judgment such as would, could, should, must; these verbs imply judgment if not followed. What implications for someone who fails to execute the directive?
Utilization of this template is NOT Optional. Journals that are not templated will receive a score of zero. The ONLY elements to be changed are the highlighted section; remove the highlight and text and insert your own submission with NO highlighting. There is a 50% penalty for not following the format PRIOR to grading. You may also insert art that inspires you in week 12.

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