You could structure your research proposals according to the following sections:

You could structure your research proposals according to the following sections:
Brief Introduction. This should include an overview of the research proposal, and should state you research aims/questions. It should clearly indicate that you’re proposing a project with a specific focus on X issue in relation to Y research methodology.
Choice of method and justification (about one-fifth of the proposal). What are your chosen research methods? Why are they appropriate for studying this issue?
Implementation of the research (about two-fifths of the proposal). How will the research be implemented? Specifically, where and how will you be collecting data and what will you do to analyse it? Who will conduct data collection/analysis? What will you do with the information that you produce?
Ethical considerations and limitations of the methodology (about one-fifth of the proposal). What are some of the ethical issues you might encounter and how can you pre-empt and address them? What are the limitations of your proposed method, incl. what kinds of information cannot be gathered? Are there any other drawbacks to the method?
List of required sources:
Sleeping Sickness Epidemics and Colonial Responses in East and Central Africa, 1900–1940 in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Article by Daniel R. Headrick 2014-4-24
A Great and Sudden Change: The Global Political Violence Landscape Before and After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Webpage by M. Pavlik
Demonstrations & Political Violence in America
Webpage by US Crisis Monitor
Deportation Cuts: Stories of exile and survival | Ceasefire Magazine
Webpage Essential
Reading intention: Undecided View actions menu for item
Note for students
External link. If link breaks go to: and search for Deportation Cuts: Stories of exile and survival.
Solidarity for whom? Interrogating solidarity in geographic research methodologies in Geography Compass
Article by Jamie C. Gagliano 08/2021
‘Don’t show the play at the football ground, nobody will come’: the micro-sociality of co-produced research in an English provincial city in The Sociological Review
Article by Ben Rogaly 03/2016
The impacts of corporatisation of healthcare on medical practice and professionals in Maharashtra, India in BMJ Global Health
Article by Shweta Marathe; Benjamin M Hunter; Indira Chakravarthi; Abhay Shukla; Susan F Murray 02/2020 Essential
The Social Contexts of Focus Groups in Journal of Contemporary Ethnography
Article by Jocelyn A. Hollander 10/2004 Essential
‘That’s where my perception of it all was shattered’: Oral histories and moral geographies of food sector workers in an English city region in Geoforum
Article by Ben Rogaly; Kaveri Qureshi 01/2017
Precarious Debt: Microfinance Subjects and Intergenerational Dependency in Cambodia in Antipode
Article by W. Nathan Green; Jennifer Estes 01/2019
The Use of Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms in Social Science Research
Article by Quinn, Floyd 2020
How to Find out What’s Really Going On: Understanding Impact through Participatory Process Evaluation in World Development
Article by Andrea Cornwall; Alia Aghajanian 11/2017

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