1. Download and open the attached Packet Tracer Activity (Assignment #.pka file)

1. Download and open the attached Packet Tracer Activity (Assignment #.pka file) using
the latest version of the Packet Tracer program installed on your computer (don’t try
doing the assignment on a mobile device). When opening the .pka file, you will have to
log in to the Cisco Networking Academy.
2. Specify your full name and RiverMail email address upon opening the activity in
the “User Profile” dialog. Click “OK” and answer “Yes” to the question “This activity will
reset if the user information is changed. Change the user information and reset the
activity?”. Make sure you answer “Yes”. After your initial changing of the user
information and the reset of the activity, if you later reset the activity it will wipe out the
User Profile information requiring you to manually set the user profile information again
by clicking “Options”, “User Profile”, re-enter name and email, click “OK”, and click
3. As you complete the activity, you can check the completion status by clicking the “Check
Results” button and going to the “Assessment Items” tab. You can then go back into the
activity and fix any incorrect configurations.
4. Save the Assignment #.pka file after completing the activity and close the Packet Tracer
5. Submit the Assignment #.pka file for grading by clicking the Blackboard assignment title
(M#A2 Module # Assignment), click the “Browse My Computer” button under the
“Assignment Submission” section, select your Assignment #.pka file (likely found in the
Downloads folder), click the “Open” button, and click the blue “Submit” button in the
bottom right of the screen.
6. You can then see what you have submitted for grading. Double-check that you have
submitted the correct / completed .pka file and that your name and email are saved in
the user profile. If not, you are allowed a second submission (using the same process)
prior to the due date.

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