For Reference, this is for a “Critical Study of Popular Culture” class Critical

For Reference, this is for a “Critical Study of Popular Culture” class
Critical Analysis Paper #2
Using a theoretical approach we have discussed since your last paper write a 3-page (minimum) to 5-page (maximum) critical analysis of a pop culture artifact of your choosing.
Approaches you may use: Psychoanalytic, Feminist, Cultural
Artifacts you may use: Any that have not been thoroughly discussed in class lectures/readings
You may use this structure as a guide:
Brief overview of type of analysis (define your terms!). This overview should be written for
someone who does not have any knowledge of your chosen critical approach. You must clearly state what type of criticism you are using, any main assumptions, and any necessary definitions.
Overview of media artifact (be brief!)
Discussion and analysis of chosen artifact (Give examples from the artifact)
Additional Requirements:
Submit your paper to Canvas by the deadline.
You must cite your sources! This includes both references from your text as well as references to whichever artifact you have chosen. You must include a citation page as well as in-text citations. Refer to the “How to Write Critical Analysis Papers Download How to Write Critical Analysis Papers” for a guide.
You will be writing about your interpretation using the theory as a guide. It does not have to focus on the same elements we discussed in class. However, you have to provide an argument that supports what you are stating that has evidence from the text.
Spelling and Grammar count. Proofread!

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