“Interpersonal violence in posttraumatic women: brain networks triggered by trau

“Interpersonal violence in posttraumatic women: brain networks triggered by trauma-related pictures”
What is the biological basis of PTSD? What occurs in the brain and nervous system that apparently gives rise to PTSD symptoms?
How is PTSD diagnosed, according to the DSM–5? Does this relate to the biological basis that you just described?
Describe the treatment options that are available for PTSD. Do they seem to address the biological basis of the disorder, as you have described them?
Summarize your article about the biological basis of PTSD in enough detail that your reader will understand what was done in the study and what the results of the study were (similar to the articles you found in BioPsychology.com in the first week).
Based on the article you identified as well as the other reading you have done this week, describe a test you could develop to help determine whether a particular individual might be more susceptible to developing PTSD if they were to experience an extremely stressful situation.
Analyze the process of diagnosing psychological disorders
Analyze the role of the nervous system in emotions and stress
Analyze biological and psychological factors involved in PTSD
Demonstrate understanding of concepts, principles, and processes related to the brain and emotions, health, and psychological disorders

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