Midterm Exam  See online calendar for due date  Submit to Turnitin by 8:00 pm

Midterm Exam
 See online calendar for due date
 Submit to Turnitin by 8:00 pm Pacific Time on the due date  See syllabus for Turnitin instructions and login information  SAVE YOUR SUBMISSION RECEIPT
Prepare a 1000 word (about five paragraphs) essay on a relevant topic of your choice that uses the required sources identified below. Be sure to include APA style in-text page citations whether you quote or paraphrase (IMPORTANT) and (see The Pocket Wadsworth Handbook for help).
Following these steps in order will save you time as you begin to research your essay:
Choose one concept or idea that is addressed in one of the articles/readings featured in McIntyre’s anthology The practical skeptic: Readings in sociology.
Then, find at least one resource from the Multimedia Library (MML) on the course site that it connects to (even in a small way).
Then look for ways the article and the MML source relate to McIntyre’s The practical skeptic: Core concepts in sociology. This is probably when you will be able to settle on a topic.
Finally, find one additional resource from the Multimedia Library, an article from a college database like EBSCO, or an additional article from McIntyre’s Readings anthology that relates to your topic.
Using these sources is ESSENTIAL since this exam is testing your command of the course materials.
One article/reading from McIntyre’s Readings anthology (listed separately on the references page)
One resource from the course Multimedia Library (MML)
McIntyre’s Readings anthology book (list it on the references page even if you only cite one article)
McIntyre’s Core concepts textbook
One or two additional sources from any of the following:  The course Multimedia Library (MML)
 A second article from McIntyre’s Readings anthology  An article from a college library database like EBSCO
 APA Title Page (Include the Course ID# and the semester & year and your own title) o APA Abstract—(NOT required)
 APA Header in all caps: YOUR OWN TITLE: SOC 1 MIDTERM EXAM with page#  APA formatted 1000 word essay (about five paragraphs)
 APA References Page (minimum of five sources as identified above)
APA style including title page and references page Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, or PDF
12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced
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