Propose a study that hasn’t been studied before about Hartnup disease. If you ca

Propose a study that hasn’t been studied before about Hartnup disease. If you can’t come up with one you can do “The impacts of Nutrigenetics in Hartnup disease ”
There are three sections to this assignment ( it’s easier to start from section 2)
Section 1 – Project Overview
Scientific Project Title (15 words max)
Plain Language Project Title (15 words max) – For successful proposals, this title may be used in press releases/website content.
Project Leader
Technology Impact – In one sentence, identify what impact your proposed research will have on the development of enabling or problem solving technologies within the context of a long-term translational plan.
Project Short-term Deliverables – Identify three key project deliverables to be achieved within the period of grant funding from June 14/21 to Sept 14/21 (use point form and one sentence for each deliverable).
Long-term Translational Plan (1/2 page max) – Provide a brief and clear description of how your short-term deliverables link to your long-term goal for clinical or commercial activities.
Executive Summary (250 words max) – Provide an executive summary in plain language of the proposal, highlighting project objectives and deliverables. Clearly indicate what problem this technology will resolve within the context of clinical or commercial application. For successful proposals, this summary may be used in press releases/website content.
Section 2 – Project Proposal
In three (3) pages maximum (including tables and figures but not references*):
Describe the background and rationale for the proposed research including any relevant preliminary findings.
Outline the proposed work to be undertaken over the term of the grant. Please identify limitations to the methodology, if any, and explain how you may overcome these issues.
Detail the anticipated key milestones for the term of the grant and the key deliverables anticipated by the end of funding period, highlighting this within the context of a long-term translational plan.
Provide 6-10 selected references that are directly relevant to the project. Additional content will not be reviewed.
Section 3 : Budegt
The requested budget should not exceed $5,000 for the three-month period (June 14/21 to Sept. 14/21). See instructions on Page 1 for Document 2. it must include list of equipments, materials/supplies and other additional expenses.
3 of the attachements are exemplars of how the budget should look like ( you can write on google docs and then i can just write it on google sheets if you don’t want to do it on google sheets)
I have also provided like exemplars of how section 1 and section 2 should look like ( the exemplars for section and 2 are incomplete so keep that in mind)

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