Reference Material: Chapter from Writing Spaces. Looking for Trouble: Finding Yo

Reference Material:
Chapter from Writing Spaces.
Looking for Trouble: Finding Your Way Into a Writing Assignment
Download link available here:–looking-for-trouble.pdf
Students must submit at least 2-4 single-spaced pages answering these questions in all 3 Parts.
Part 1: Summary
Answer the following questions (found at the end of the chapter)
What is your process for developing an argument or a thesis? How do you approach a writing assignment that does not provide you with a specific problem or question?
Examine the writing assignments you’ve received in your classes. Have your instructors provided you with problems and/or questions? How do the types of problems and questions provided differ form course to course? What types of problems and questions are characteristic of writing in your major?
Look at papers you’ve written over the course of your academic career. Do you tend to present problems, pose questions, and identify what is at stake? How do your introductions unfold?
(You do not have to answer #4.  Part 3 replaces it)
Part 2: Reflection
What did you find most interesting about the reading?
Part 3: Scavenger Hunt
After completing the reading, go on Mercy’s Library page and find one source (book, article or documentary from any Mercy database) which addresses the topic/argument from the reading. In other words, now that you’ve completed the reading, if asked to do more research on the topic, where would you start? Find a source through the Mercy Library page which also talks about the topic presented in the reading.
While you do not have to read that source, you must
A)  write down the source in proper MLA, APA or Chicago format and
B)  copy and paste a screen capture into your homework submission of the browser window with the source (see example below). Every computer has a different way to take a screen capture, follow your PC or Mac’s OS’s instructions found in your help menu.
write two to three sentences about what this source is and how it relates to the reading.
Sample screen capture of a source found in a Mercy Library database:
Submit this homework as Word Processing document (.doc, .docx, .odt, etc)  in the Assignment drop box (follow the link in the name) in the Blackboard weekly folder.  

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