Vertical farming market on green vegetables in Netherland and write about the st

Vertical farming market on green vegetables in Netherland and write about the status quo and market value.
– write about your company(Staay Food Company) in the Netherlands
– write about the market situation in the Netherlands
– research the European market situation on vertical farming
The information about the most important market in netherlands, what they report, their view on the market, their sales, their resources, everything that they could report. Vertical farming market in netherlands, what it’s made up of, how much money is invested in it.
Everything that you write has ti be from a reliable source, we need to say the source that we have, it cannot be from randome websites.
If it’s an article it needs to be accurate or it needs to listed sources. An then you take the name of the title and you take that and that’s the author.
1. *WE CAN USE THE WEBSITE OF THE COMPANIES!* The important thing is that while we talk about the methodology we say that in chapter … we used an empirical content analysis. If we use academic and/or scientific papers of course we would write literature analysis. The other important thing is that we *quote* every single thing that we mention.
2. Regarding the market research, we need to find market information on the relative countries that we’re writing and presenting about and then if we do not find much, we concentrate on the market research in Europe *generally*
3. we need to write the author down for the writing and the assumptions.

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