Choose an organization to use as your focus for answering the following question

Choose an organization to use as your focus for answering the following questions. be certain to choose one that has published information needed to answer the questions.  respond to the following questions:
Mission statements guide an organization’s decisions and strategic plans. Locate an organization’s mission statement. Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s mission statement. What changes would you propose the organization make to the mission statement?
Marketing plans propose a marketing strategy that details the chosen marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion). Distinguish the specific elements of the organization’s marketing mix and evaluate the extent to which the strategy reflected in these elements is aligned with the organization’s mission statement. What recommendations would you make to better align the organization’s marketing strategy with its mission?
Analyze the current and future situation with respect to the organization’s target market using the 5W Model for Customer Analysis.
Examine the organization’s external environment and make inferences as to the impact these external factors may have on the organization’s current and future marketing planning.
Identify the organization’s competitive advantage. Is the competitive advantage durable and valuable? Defend or critique the organization’s competitive advantage based upon your earlier analyses.

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