Here is the clinical case & the Question: [Patient M.M is 37 years old Pakistan

Here is the clinical case & the Question:
[Patient M.M is 37 years old Pakistani female came to the clinic for the complaint of green, & malodorous discharge for the past four days. She had a history of three bacterial vaginosis treated with medical regimens of metronidazole. Genital culture confirmed the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis. The women complained about the recurrent conditions established to be BV & inquired about the optimum therapy to reduce future recurrences & side effects. Question? Which drug delivers the optimum efficacy, safety in treating recurrent BV infection.]
Below you will find two medical articles ( Article A & B attached) that compare the efficacy of two drugs; metronidazole & tinidazole in treating recurrent BV.
You task is as follows:
1. Critical appraise, review & compare the two articles methodology for its internal, external validity & weather they are an excellent paper. I will attach Two documents on how to appraise an article about therapy question. Please Use them !!!!!!!!!!
2. Display the outcomes & results of the papers. Which intervention is superior in treating BV? Which has lower side effects? which has lower recurrence rates? Are the outcomes/results of both articles similar or different? If different, which one is more reliable & why? Add the statistical significance when explaining the result like this drugs showed 96% rate in curing BV with confidence interval and such & such.
3. Based on you reviews & the results/outcome of the articles, what conclusion can you draw about them. Which drug is better in treating recurrent BV? Which has better tolerability? Which article has a population sample similar to women in the case? Summarize in last paragraph If tinidazole serves as a better intervention for BV & whether the patient in the Clinical case will benefit from it.

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