My place is a rehab so it is like your going to rehab work with a client and the

My place is a rehab so it is like your going to rehab work with a client and then questions were what skill comes naturally confident answer is listening and the client feels herd and understood. Then choose one of the articles that relates to that.
Ask a question about your clinical experience or this week’s learning for your faculty instructor to address during Group Supervision. Provide context for your question without revealing confidential personal client information.
Select 1 of these options for your initial post in the discussion area:
a) Use only evidence-based, academically appropriate resources such as:
peer-reviewed articles
professional counseling publications
toolkits from support organizations
reference guides or forms from clinical providers
EXAMPLEThis week in supervision, we will discuss counseling skills, which are an integral part of the client/therapist relationship. Some skills come naturally, while others take more time to develop. As with many others, the skill that I struggled most with was the use of silence. I was under the impression that it was necessary to fill an entire 45-50 minute session with dialogue, which is not the case. Initially, a brief silence felt like an eternity and led me to believe that I was failing to provide effective services for my client. As we learned, silence provides our clients with the opportunity to gather and process their feelings, and allows therapists to consider an alternative intervention when necessary.
What skill did you find the most difficult to adapt?

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