These are the instructions to follow for the final paper. I have already attache

These are the instructions to follow for the final paper. I have already attached what I have so far. I need you to look through and make sure everything is accurate and following the instructions.
For part three my professor suggested I do this for the final step. Please follow through.
“For part 3 of this assignment, you may want to consider combining categories of your family income variable to make the data more manageable to work with (e.g., combine observations so you are working with a category for incomes $1-4,999, $5,000-9,999, $10,000-14,999, $15,000-19,999, 20,000-24,999, and 25,000+). It is important that you use Microsoft Excel for your calculations for part 3, as learning Excel is part of this class. For part 3, be sure to create a table of column %s in Excel and interpret any associations found within this table (this was missing from part 2))
Data analysis
In your Excel data file, perform a hypothesis test for the association between the independent and dependent variables. Find and interpret the following:
For those working with quantitative data:
– t statistic
– p value
– confidence interval for the population slope
For those working with categorical data:
– chi-squared test statistic
– p value
Each item should be clearly labeled within your Excel file. Your file should be neatly organized.
After you have completed your analysis in Excel, write up the results of the analysis in a paper. The paper should include the following:
– A description of your data and data source,
– An overview of your independent and dependent variables and your theorized association between them,
– An overview of your descriptive statistics, measures of association, and interpretations of these,
– A discussion of your hypothesis testing, including stating your null & alternative hypotheses and the result of the test,
– Your conclusion (i.e., did you have evidence to reject the null hypothesis? At what significance level?) and what your findings revealed about your theory about the association between the independent and dependent variables,
– Limitations of your analysis, specifically: did the data come from a reliable source? Were the data from a random sample? What are potential lurking variables?
The paper should be 3-4 single-spaced pages long. Any references should be cited using APA format.
Turn in two files: (1) your paper and (2) a neatly organized Excel file containing your data, visual displays, and analysis results.

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