Write a 700 to 1,050-word paper and create a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation in

Write a 700 to 1,050-word paper and create a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you create a program to improve the relationship between two groups. Your paper should describe the relationship and the conflict between the two groups. The PowerPoint should be a tool designed to help you share your original ideas for improvement between the two groups. Examples may include conflict between managers and subordinates, the city council committee and a special interest group, and unions and management.
Please be specific in identifying what community, company, or organization you are writing about.
Address the following:
Nature of the Conflict
Please note that you should be neutral in your approach. Your job here is to create a program that will assist with the conflict.
Describe the context of the conflict. What kind of community or organization is this? Who are the stakeholders in the outcome of the conflict?
Identify the overt and covert issues presenting both sides.
Describe the effect the conflict has on the organization within which it exists and, if applicable, the surrounding community.
Identify attribution errors and how they will be addressed in the program.
Analyze the dynamics within each group and between groups. Who are the leaders? Does anyone stall or undermine the group? Is there a relationship between two subgroups?
Program Design
Apply the elements of conflict resolution. (Refer to our discussion for this week.)
Describe the central strategy you will use to resolve or diminish the conflict.
Provide at least one reference supporting the use of such a strategy.
Include a program component that employs social media.
Explain how you will address attribution errors between the groups.
Identify the elements of persuasion you will use in your program.
Cite at least 4 references, including the reference that demonstrates research support of your program strategy

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