Choose a contemporary media technology that is of interest to you. This could be

Choose a contemporary media technology that is of interest to you. This could be a device, a platform, or an application that is already out there, or is scheduled to launch in the near future. It can also be a technology that does not have a launch date yet, but is currently being discussed in popular press as a ‘future’ technology.
Research the technology through secondary sources, for example, newspaper articles, features in specialised tech publications, (e.g. Wired, TechCrunch, etc.), industry reports, statistical information, the manufacturer’s own website, etc.
3. Identify one theoretical aspect addressed in the unit as appropriate and relevant to your chosen technology and discuss this with your tutor during your allocated tutorial. Identify 1-2 relevant academic sources, such as books, published studies, etc., which you could reference in your case study.
To help structure your 2000-word case study, below are some proposed areas that you should cover:
Introduction to the technology and its background
Unique Selling Proposition of the technology
Social and cultural fit of the technology (e.g. consumer needs, gap in the market, entry
barriers, analysis of competitor technologies/platforms)
Theorising your technology (e.g. what theoretical concept(s) helps explain your technology)
Please avoid using as sources websites that may be unreliable or contain information that may be difficult to check for accuracy, e.g. personal blogs, Wikipedia.
Your paper should be based on both academic and non-academic sources. Please cite all referenced work and provide a full bibliography at the end of the paper using Harvard referencing.

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