Please cite the page number because I need to use it on a zoom. Write Your Disc

Please cite the page number because I need to use it on a zoom.
Write Your Discussion Post
Direct Social Work Practice and the Helping Process
Select both:
One style of direct social work practice.
One direct provision of social work practice of your choice.
Then, in your initial post, discuss how you would apply phases I, II, and III working with clients according to the style and provision you selected. In your post, ensure you are considering and including cultural engagement and competence.
Remember, the goal is to show you can apply the materials and concepts you have read about, and not just summarize them. Cite your sources using APA format as you apply the concepts. It also may help to cite the page number you are referencing, so you, your faculty, and peers can revisit each skill as needed.
Taking notes on the phases you are applying may help you prepare for the role-plays in synchronous sessions.
The initial post is due Wednesday by 11:59 pm Central Time.
Response Guidelines
Responding to your peers is encouraged but not required for this discussion. However, you must be prepared to discuss materials from this week in the synchronous live session.
Assignment Instructions
In this assignment, you will reflect on and self-assess your mastery of a variety of skills necessary for professional social workers as you begin this course in order to effectively apply professional use of self. As you complete the course, you will use the same rating form to self-assess once again to view the progress you feel you have made during the course. You will compare and contrast responses to evaluate the development of your skill sets during your course experience.
Complete the Pre-Course Micro Skills Rating Form and Evaluation and upload it into the assignment area.
Submit your assignment by 11:59 p.m. Central time on Sunday.

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