please write two pages meta text by answering at least 5 questions to all three

please write two pages meta text by answering at least 5 questions to all three revised poems. the answer should be a a paragraph or two to at least be 2 pages meta text.
At this point I only received my one poem should is attched first draft and second draft, as soon as I revised my other two poems I’ll attached first draft and second draft in order to see the changes and as well as give perfect answer to the questions for each poems.
I’ll attach other two poems as soon as it revsied.
the poems where it bold means that had been received and that’s 2nd draft the poem without boldness is not the first draft.
in which you reflect upon yourself as a creative writer and answer at least 5 of the following questions:
1- What was the most significant change that you made to one of your poems during your revision process and why did you make this change? 2- What were the most helpful suggestions/comments you received from the online workshops and why? 3- Which did you prefer, writing “closed form” (formal verse) or “open form” (free verse) poems, and why? 4- What do you think is your greatest strength in your poetry? 5- What was the biggest challenge you faced writing these poems, and what did you do to meet this challenge? 6- What did you learn about yourself as a writer from this project? 7- What advice would you give to someone who is writing a poem for the very first time? 8- What did you learn from changing the form of one of your poems?

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