You are required to complete a company profile assignment (5-6 paragraphs) desig

You are required to complete a company profile assignment (5-6 paragraphs) designed to get you thinking about the issues related to organizational theory before we dive into the case studies presented in the course. You will have the opportunity to provide (in your own words) a definition of the term organization, summarize your own organization, and outline some specifics regarding the organization’s structural design and approaches you see for improvement. Specifically, I want you to address issues like the morale within the organization and the effectiveness of leadership to promote a positive culture and promote strong values within the company.
Your paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font, and one inch margins. Be sure to include the following:
Part One: In your own words, define an Organization.
Part Two: Provide a summary (5-6 paragraphs) of your organization including the following information. You may use an organization you are currently in or one you worked with in the past*
Where you work, company type, and industry. For example: “I work at XYZ company. We operate a prominent Physical Therapy business. I serve the company
as a consultant. My duties include…”
What is your organization’s purpose, mission, and strategic intent?
Explain the primary differences between an organic and a mechanistic organization design. Which type of organization do you think would be easier to
manage? Why?
How does your organization assess organizational effectiveness?

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