Hello, Please read all instructions carefully. I included what is specifically n

Please read all instructions carefully. I included what is specifically needed and the marking criteria at the end. Make sure to use your own words and be very careful with that as the paper will be scanned for plagiarism.
Write about the legal part surrounding termination of pregnancy (abortion). It is part of a group essay and the introduction and the ethical parts are already written. I uploaded the written parts. You just have to cover the legal part of the essay. Make sure to focus on the Irish legal system but also write about other legal systems. Write about contradictions between them and legal issues. Make sure to use your own words and that you go with the flow of what has been written.
Use your own words. Use credible scientific sources. Include in-text citations and reference any piece of information you use from an external source. There is no limit on references number but don’t use less than 6. Use Harvard referencing system. Please be careful with citations. and Please please produce a quality paper.
From the assignment instructions:
What you are being asked to do in this assignment is to gather, analyse and synthesise information. In other words, in addition to searching for the information, you need to be able to edit the information you have found in order to present it in a coherent fashion. You need to show me why you consider that the information you have decided to include is important. Each paragraph dealing with one main issue or a related cluster of issues. The opening paragraph should provide a general background to the issue you have chosen to discuss. For maximum coherence, you should state the main point of each paragraph in the first line and spend the rest of the paragraph backing that point up (with reference to the literature or to relevant arguments). Try to avoid making too many individual points as this will compromise the coherence of your discussion.
Marking criteria:
Your assignment will be marked according to the following criteria:
– Knowledge: you must demonstrate an understanding of the issues you are discussing.
– Integration of information: within the word limit, you must be able to focus your discussion on the essential points at issue. To do this, you must be able to edit and synthesise the information you have gathered.
– Clarity: you must express your points in clear English. Marks will be deducted for poor grammar and punctuation (please don’t put the onus on the reader – me – to try to interpret what you’re saying).
Give it your best (ps: it’s a very important paper). Please follow the guidelines and thank you very much in advance!

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