Please follow the below instructions, answer “ALL” questions, DO NOT GO OVER 300

Please follow the below instructions, answer “ALL” questions, DO NOT GO OVER 300 words! Review the grading rubric for specific requirements.
For business managers, it is important to apply critical thinking and decision-making skills based on actionable intelligence. This exercise is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your critical thinking related to contemporary technologies being implemented in the area of supply chain and operations management.
Imagine you are a senior manager, and you wish to update your colleagues and mid- to junior-level managers. Use only your understanding of the assigned reading as well as the textbook chapters covered so far to answer and discuss the points below.
This discussion relates to the assigned article:
Acar, O. A. (2019). Why crowdsourcing often leads to bad ideas (Links to an external site.). Harvard Business Review.
Respond to each of the following points. Your answers should be concise—no more than a few sentences are necessary for each item.
Why does the article state that crowdsourcing is fast emerging and useless at the same time?
What are the basic findings and insights found by the authors in the article?
Based on your work experience, textbook, and the article, under what circumstances might crowdsourcing be actually beneficial?
Keep the following requirements in mind as you complete this assignment.
By the due date, answer all of the questions above in a single post of no more than approximately 300 words.
Once you have submitted your first post, you will be able to see your classmates’ responses. You should continue the conversation with your classmates by replying to at least two of them by the end of the module.
Based on reading your classmates’ responses, you may modify your initial point of view, and thus, respond accordingly.
Your responses should be strictly based on the content of the article, the concepts from the textbook, and/or your observations and experience at work, not on your unsubstantiated opinion.
Your response must be engaging, communicative, and constructive.
Use APA citations to back up your posts.
For detailed grading criteria, see the reading discussion rubric Download reading discussion rubric.

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