On December 2, 2010, the federal Public Health Service announced a release of th

On December 2, 2010, the federal Public Health Service announced a release of the newest document in this series, Healthy People 2020. This document sets health objectives for the nation for the next 10 years. Go to Healthy People 2020. You will notice that there are tabs across the top of the home page that will take you anywhere you want to go in this rather extensive document. Access and read “About Healthy People” first, and then return to the home page and click on the topics and objectives tab. You will find a list of topics, some of which are designated as “new” in red. Click on any topic, and the objectives related to that topic will come up. Then, click on “details” next to any objective to obtain baseline and target information, as well as data sources for the data that will be used to determine whether the baseline (our existing health statistic information) and target (the improvement expected over the next ten years in that statistic).
This is a large document, and you can explore it by reading the material accessed through the tabs on the home page, as well as links embedded throughout the document. Pick the topics you are most interested in and feel would be most relevant to your search for information. For example, looking at topics r/t common causes of death and illness and those that impact the whole population, but are of particular interest because they lead to illnesses with a large impact on older adults (many of these are chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, etc.) would make the most sense—but nobody could look at all of the data available here for one paper, so you’ll need to personalize your interest areas and focus there. Be sure to include something about determinants of health (which you will find in several areas) and can search for specifically by using the window at the top right of the home page to type in a specific determinant–for example, exercise– and an age group). Quality of life is also discussed in several places, including in the topic related to older adults.
You will probably not be able to read all of this report, but as you choose topics to explore further from the list provided, you will find the needed information to help you understand and discuss the health and health needs of the nation and your community in the required paper. Be sure to include:
A discussion of the relationships between quality of life and health improvement.
A list & definition of “determinants of health” for all people, with an emphasis on older adults.
Evaluation of the level of health of our country, your community, and the level of health that you individually have achieved. To complete this, you will want to look at the Health Indicators discussed on the HP website. You will also have to do more research about your state and community’s health indicators using the text and websites for your state and community in order to complete this section of the assignment.
Be sure to address health disparities within the country and community in your response.
Your paper should be 6-8 pages long. As usual, please write this paper using APA guidelines, and be sure to cite all sourcluves you use to write it.

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