Respectfully, please do NOT accept this assignment if you are either unable or u

Respectfully, please do NOT accept this assignment if you are either unable or unwilling to follow the directions and ask questions concerning any areas of ambiguity. The directions must be followed. First and foremost, I am requesting and paying for a paper written at a Masters level in English as spoken in the United States. For whatever reason, this has been difficult to accomplish – I hold multiple degrees; please take care to use vocabulary and writing structure appropriate for this writing level. Secondly, please do not include repetition in the paper. If you do not understand the details for any reason, let me know, and I will be glad to explain. Also, you will NOT include an introduction or conclusion to the paper you write. Engaging primary sources is required. Must be focused without any repetition of word or thought. Must have a fully develop an argument. DO NOT merely ″report on″ the topic but instead develop, explaining, and defend the well-crafted thesis. What are the prospects for perseverance of the current political, economic, and cultural institutions of Western Civilization? PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED OUTLINE FOR SPECIFIC DETAILS. PLEASE FOLLOW THE OUTLINE PRECISELY • THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY – THEY BELONG TO SOMEONE ELSE AND ARE INTENDED FOR REFERENCE • DO NOT WRITE AN INTRODUCTION OR CONCLUSION • Do not BE REPETITIVE OR REMEDIAL • 12-pt Times New Roman font. • Format of assignment is APA • The citations include 10 scholarly sources and at least 1 Scriptural theme reference thoughtfully interpreted. • USE PRIMARY SOURCES FOR AT LEAST 4 of the sources • Acceptable sources (e.g. scholarly articles published within the last five years unless a primary source or using a classic article.) • The paper must be logical and follow the informal argument of the persuasive essay. This format requires an approximately 25-word thesis statement as the last sentence of the 1st paragraph, followed by short 4–5-sentence paragraphs. Each paragraph must include a thoughtful topic sentence that is conceptually connected to the thesis statement and supported by 1–2 insightful reasons. • Your analysis must employ critical thinking techniques, such as identifying and evaluating the philosopher’s arguments; comparing and contrasting philosophical positions; and anticipating opposing views to your interpretations and ideas. 

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