Clearly define independent and dependent variable. Rresearch articles related to

Clearly define independent and dependent variable. Rresearch articles related to the variables to help the reader understand what is known about this topic. The literature review will be 10 pages in length.
1. Convert your personal quest into a
researchable topic
a. Personal Question:
What are the implications of spirituality and
the therapeutic applications of psilocybin in participants who suffer from
disorders of the mind limited to the spectrum of anxiety, PTSD, and the autism
b. Researchable Topic:
Therapeutic effects of psilocybin on anxiety, PTSD, and autism
2. Change the perspective (from personal topic to topic
related to your discipline)
Treatment of
specific mental disorders through the controlled application/dosage of
3. The list of words / phrases to do the search. (at least
five words / phrases)
a. treatment with psilocybin
b. CIA / governmental research psilocybin
c. effects of psilocybin in children with autism
d. Veterans use of alternative medicines for PTSD
e. animals and alternative societies use of psilocybin
4. Criteria for inclusion / exclusion of articles.
a. Documents from 2000 and later
b. Peer reviewed
c. Government research project / Military research
d. Alternative treatment for anxiety and trauma
e. Use by other religions, societies and species for
chemical regulation
Potentail References that could be used follow:
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