In 750 words, compare and contrast two literary theories (Formalism, Structurali

In 750 words, compare and contrast two literary theories (Formalism, Structuralism, Reader-Response Theory, Poststructuralism, Psychoanalysis, Marxism, Postcolonialism, or New Historicism). Your essay should:
Explain in the introduction how the two theories are related. Why compare and contrast these two theories in particular? For instance, are they often confused with each other, did one evolve from the other, etc.?
Demonstrate specific similarities or differences between the two literary theories’ approaches to a text.
Apply the theories to the same text (any one poem, short story, novel, television show, film, etc.) to demonstrate how each theory would similarly or differently analyze that same text. (Be careful not to allow the essay to become like Week 3’s essay just applying the theories to the same text. The purpose of the application of the theories to a text is to demonstrate how the two theories are similar or different in their approaches to the same text.)
Judge the two literary theories in the conclusion paragraph, supporting under what circumstances and why one theory might be more useful than the other based on the earlier demonstration of similarities and differences between the two theories. For instance, is one theory more useful for texts written recently, is one theory more useful for poetry, is one theory more useful for cultural products rather than texts, etc.
Use MLA style formatting, including the required heading in the top left corner of the first page, double spacing, and header (last name and page number) in the top right corner of every page. Use Times New Roman 12 point font.
Although sources (other than the chosen text) are optional, follow these guidelines for in-text citations of sources and these guidelines for the works cited page citations of sources. Also, consult the APUS MLA Style Guide for strategiluves for integrating and citing sources.

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