Instructions are attatched as well with guiding questions I have provided to add

Instructions are attatched as well with guiding questions I have provided to address. Please consider the source requirement.
Essay Two Topic/Theme: Open
final essay due 1/11 (8-10 pages plus works cited page)
Sources: You are required to use a total of at least 6 sources, specifically including: 1 book (or portion of a book), 2 academic journal articles, and 1 magazine/newspaper article. The other 2+ source types may include websites, documentaries, movies, blogs, interviews, and/or surveys, among others.
Essay Focus: Choose an angle from which to analyze your chosen topic, using specific details and examples obtained through research to illustrate your argument.
Thesis: Create an original thesis statement based on your specific argument inspired by our classwork and discussions and your independent research. Your essay must prove your thesis through thoughtful development of your ideas, strong and relevant support, and your original analysis.
Essay Format: Your essay must meet page length requirements (8-10 pages) and be in correct MLA format (see class text or Purdue OWL).
Essay Requirements/Grading Criteria:
Demonstrate mastery of the standards of academic writing (format, voice, organization, etc.).
Demonstrate an ability to clearly define an issue in the context of existing scholarship, take a clear stance, and convincingly argue in support of that stance.
Demonstrate an ability to use library resources for academic research.
Demonstrate an ability to synthesize materials from sources and effectively incorporate research materials into essay.
Demonstrate mastery of the conventions of documentation, using MLA style.
Note: Refer to discussion of Audience (your instructor and classmates), Structure (logical or exploratory, but must have clear thesis early in essay), Narrator (ā€œIā€ is not off limits, but should not be a distraction), and Types of Evidence (variety is important) in The Curious Researcher p. 8-10 for further guidance and expectations.
Present your research (see Presentation Guidelines).

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