Objective: Evaluate the characteristics that hold communities together, particul

Objective: Evaluate the characteristics that hold communities together, particularly in geographic space.
Instructions: I would like for you to reflect on early childhood socialization and what the neighborhood(s) where you grew up were like. This journal should be 2 pages in length, double-spaced. Include the following in your journal:
1) Physical description of your neighborhood(s) and geographic location (rural, suburbs, urban).
2) Interactions and relationships with neighbors and people that lived nearby
-How well did your family know the neighbors? Did your family have neighbors over to socialize?
-Was there a sense of ‘neighborliness’ (helpful, friendly, security) among those in your neighborhood? Explain.
– What do you know about similar values, beliefs, culture that were knitted within your neighborhood? (or if there were not any, explain)
3) Conceptualization of community: What did the concept of community mean to you during your adolescence and how was this idea formulated?
4) Integrate at least one theory or concept of community learned from Modules One and Two into your paper. If you can apply any of these concepts to your own childhood experience with community, you may include this also.
5) Write about changes you have witnessed or experienced in this concept of neighborhood and/or community as you have grown older. How is the community where you live now different or similar?

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