Requirement: You have been asked to write an article to the Independent newspape

You have been asked to write an article to the Independent newspaper by the commissioning editor
for special interest topics. The editor requires you to provide a critical reflection on the extent to
which, if any, accounting is a ‘sunset industry’.
In producing your article, you should:
i) Reflect on two roles accounting can have in organisations; specifically the scorekeeping
and problem solving roles (not the attention directing role). You should provide evidence
and perspectives for both.
ii) You should engage in the relevant literature and take a critical perspective towards each
of the two roles. Some sources, though not exhaustive include the Management
Accounting Research journal, articles published by the professional accounting bodies
(for example, CIMA’s Financial Management magazine) and commentary in the business
press. All of these are available via the online library resources.
iii) Balance the weight of evidence, for and against both of these roles and share with the
magazine’s readership, your own conclusions as a result of having undertaken research
into the topic.
v) Frame your conclusions in an engaging title header for your article to succinctly summarise
your view.
vi) Whilst the article if for a newspaper, you should follow the usual referencing expectations
for an essay by citing your sources and including a bibliography.

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