The Great Gatsby Final Requirements: • Choose one Theory, (Feminist, Marxist, Ar

The Great Gatsby Final
• Choose one Theory, (Feminist, Marxist, Archetypal) to use as a lens you will use to read The Great Gatsby then write an essay or complete the Slide Show presentation demonstrating a reading of the text using your Theory of choice.
• Length: Typed, double-spaced, at least five paragraph for the essay and 6 for the Slide show (Essay must include introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph) to a minimum length of 2.5 pages or 6 PowerPoint slides each with 1 paragraph.
• 12 font, Times New Roman
• MLA Format
• NO PERSONAL STATEMENTS! Yes, it IS your opinion, but you will not refer to yourself in this essay or presentation.
• Your Final needs to be submitted by 2pm on January 11th. No exceptions. If you submit prior to 1pm I will grant 5 extra credit points.
Introductory Paragraph or Slide:
• In your opening sentence of your introductory paragraph, be sure to mention the title of the novel and the author’s name.
• Your introduction should include a Thesis. You cannot write a paper without a Thesis.
Make sure you get your Thesis approved by me before you begin your essay.
Body Paragraphs(minimum 3 for the essay or 5-6 for the presentation):
• Each of your main body paragraphs needs to have a topic sentence
• Include direct quotations from the novel to support your reading. Quotes may be dialog or narration.
• Each quote may not be any longer than three lines in your paper.
• Be sure to use the author’s last name and chapter number for the first quote (Fitzgerald 12); each quote thereafter just needs to have the chapter number in parentheses(6).
• Give specific details from the novel that support your claim (thesis statement). Do not simply give me a plot summary.
Concluding Paragraph(essay only):
• Conclude your essay with a well-thought out conclusion that wraps up the points made in your paper. Use Section B in the Outline provide in Unit 7. Gatsby Writing to help generate your Conclusion.
• You will have the opportunity to set up a time on January 6th, 7th, or 11th.
• Regardless of which Final format you choose you may present your Final to me.
• Students who present will be granted 1 letter grade of Extra Credit

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