This is a two-part paper.. use intext citation a basic excel chart is required i

This is a two-part paper.. use intext citation a basic excel chart is required in both parts. Each part must be 3 pages each. Directions must be followed as is.
Part I: Quality Management: 3 pages and 3 references
The company that must be discussed here is design elements group based in Dallas Texas
For the company and product or service that you selected for the W3 Project, complete the following:
Imagining yourself to be viewing the company’s product or service through the eyes of the customer, construct a House of Quality to provide the organization with your perspectives on what the important dimensions of quality are and how well the organization is currently meeting your needs.
Develop an SPC checklist for each dimension of the product that you believe would be subject to statistical control.
Evaluate the product using the five-step plan that is associated with the Kaizen philosophy.
Propose what elements of the production and delivery of the product or service would be subject to benchmarking and how you would identify those organizations to which comparisons could be made in a benchmarking process.
Part II: Advanced Operations. 3 pages and 3 references
Linear Programming: Production Problem
A manufacturing company produces four different models of integrated circuits. Each type of circuit requires material, labor, and machine time. The optimal combination of the four types of circuits is limited by the constraints of availability for these three resources. The formulation of the linear programming production problem is:
Maximize Z = 12×1 + 10×2 + 15×3 + 11×4 (objective function for profit)
Subject to the following constraints:
5×1 + 3×2 + 4×3 + 2×4 <= 240 pounds
Machine time:
6×1 + 8×2 + 2×3 + 3×4 <= 240 hours
2×1 + 3×2 + 3×3 + 2×4 = 0
Where: x1 = quantity of Product 1 produced
x2 = quantity of Product 2 produced
x3 = quantity of Product 3 produced
x4 = quantity of Product 4 produced
Use Microsoft Excel and Solver to find the optimal solution for the production problem. Be sure that values selected by the computer are integers (as it doesn’t make any sense to discuss producing part of a unit of a product).
Include your interpretation of the results by stating:
How many of each product will be produced?
What is the profit for the optimal solution?
What resource(s) is limiting the production?
Submit the solution for the production problem in a Microsoft Excel worksheet with proper labeling for columns and all required calculations. Submit your interpretations in a Microsoft Word document.
Submission Details:
Submit your report in a two- to three-page Word document, using APA style and an Excel spreadsheet.

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