ASSIGNMENT 1. Listen to the following podcast where Howard Schultz is interviewe

1. Listen to the following podcast where Howard Schultz is interviewed (49 minutes long). Don’t know who he is? Most of you have done business with him many times……
During his first visit to Seattle in 1981, Howard Schultz walked into a little coffee bean shop called Starbucks and fell in love with it. A few years later, he bought the six-store chain for almost 4 million dollars, and began to transform it into a ubiquitous landmark, a “third place” between home and work. Today Starbucks is the third largest restaurant chain in the world, serving about 100 million people a week. To listen to the podcast, either click on this link (Links to an external site.) that takes you to the website where you will see a blue PLAY button, or click HERE: Play media comment.
2. After listening to the podcast write a brief summary (minimum one page in Microsoft Word) about the podcast, and upload the file to this assignment. This document should contain a cover page that specifies the podcast title, your name, and the date.  Make sure to reference specific items discussed throughout the podcast. If your summary is general in nature, and does not reference specific content in the podcast, you will lose points. You should discuss items such as what you learned in the podcast, what surprised you, what financial challenges did the entrepreneur face, was there any random unforeseen event (serendipity) that triggered the business success, did the entrepreneur have subject matter expertise in the business they started, and so on.

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