Chapter 1 Review Assignment Instructions: Please read the instructions carefully

Chapter 1 Review Assignment
Instructions: Please read the instructions carefully and contact me if you have any questions prior to submitting your work. 
After reading the chapter and reviewing the PowerPoint and supplemental readings on the course site, you should complete the following tasks: 
Answer the questions below. Your responses should be about one, 5 to 7 sentence, paragraph per question set (meaning numbers 1,2,3, etc should be about one paragraph in length.) Your responses should demonstrate a clear engagement and understanding of the course material, critical application of the sociological concepts/theory and should include clear grammar and sentence structure.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You should cite any evidence/information from the text or other sources (this is important, if you do not cite, your work will be reported as plagiarism)
Please review the assignment rubric under ‘Course Resources’ for clearer indication of grading distribution and let  me know if you have any questions/concerns. 
1. Sociology researches social issues through the use of theoretical frameworks. Examine the news and pick a controversial news story about a big current social issue; this could be police brutality, poverty, sexual assault, etc.). Consider what different questions a sociologist researching this topic might ask if they were investigating this issue from a conflict versus functionalist versus symbolic interactionist perspective; this is to say, how would each of these theories examine this social issue? How might these differing approaches work together to build a deeper sociological understanding of the issue?
2. In regards to the sociological imagination, think of a problem that impacts you personally (e.g., the high cost of tuition, unemployment, divorce, etc.) and explain how you would make sense of it differently if you viewed it as (a) only a personal problem or (b) influenced by a public issue. How do possible solutions to the problem differ depending on how you view it?
3. Imagine you would like to look at reasons behind the high college dropout rate in the United States. How might your explanations differ based on whether your analysis was on the micro, meso, or macro level? Why? Which level or levels would you focus on for your study? Why?
Please use this link to upload your work. 
Assignment is due on Sunday Feb. 13th by 11:59 pm. 
Worth 15 points. 
Late assignment will be accepted, but deducted 2 points for every 24 hours they are late. 
Note: Please only submit word docs or pdf files   
Chapter 1: Chapter Objectives and Instructions
Chapter Learning Objectives:
To read these particular portions of the chapter, please click on the links below and you will be taken to that section of the book. 
1.1 What Is Sociology? (Links to an external site.)
Explain concepts central to sociology
Identify how different sociological perspectives have developed
1.2 The History of Sociology (Links to an external site.)
Explain why sociology emerged when it did
Describe how sociology became a separate academic discipline
1.3 Theoretical Perspectives (Links to an external site.)
Explain what sociological theories are and how they are used
Describe and analyze the similarities and differences between structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism
1.4 Why Study Sociology? (Links to an external site.)
Explain why it is worthwhile to study sociology
Identify ways sociology is applied in the real world
For this week, you should review each section in the chapter reading and complete your chapter recap assignment and/or discussion board. You should also review all supplemental readings and/or videos that are provided for you in the module. Please remember that your responses for the chapter recap assignment should be approximately 5 to 7 sentences in length per question set (not individual questions). You should only upload word or pdf files (please DO NOT upload .pages files). Additionally, your discussion board responses are due on Friday (initial response to the discussion prompt) and Sunday (respond to at least TWO of your classmates posts). Your posts should also be approximately 5 to 7 sentences in length per question set (not individual questions). Please let me know if you have any questions concerns about the assignments. 
Please find the assignments rubric under the ‘Course Resources’ module here: Course Resources
You and also find book resources for your textbook here: Link (Links to an external site.)
I am always here to help so don’t hesitate to contact me with any concerns you may have. Happy learning!!! 
VIDEO: What is the Sociological Imagination
Links to an external site.
VIDEO: What is Symbolic Interaction 
VIDEO: What is Functionalism 
Links to an external site.
VIDEO: What is Conflict Theory 
Links to an external site.

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