Please read “14 Theatrical Plans to Save the World” (American Theatre Magazine) 

Please read “14 Theatrical Plans to Save the World” (American Theatre Magazine)  Download “14 Theatrical Plans to Save the World” (American Theatre Magazine)and write a 200-300-word response.
The piece touches on a myriad of projects certain theaters, artists, collaborators, etc. were working on for the 2014-15 theater season. Many of these projects were taken directly from real-life events, or address social justice causes. 
Some things you may choose to discuss:
How important is it, do you think, for theaters to consider social justice plays? Or plays like the ones mention in the article, including those that cover a true event?
What factors do you believe should be taken into consideration when shaping a season that includes many of the plays listed?
Did any of plays/projects from the piece excite you?
If you were to shape a season for your hometown, what types of plays (or specific plays) would you consider? What type of vision would you consider?
Some would consider theatre (and maybe all art) to be a mirror in which the audience can see themselves. Is that important?
I personally consider the value of theatre (and maybe all art) being a window into different cultures, experiences, perspectives, events, etc. that we would not be exposed to otherwise. Is there value in that approach?

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