The final paper should be 15 20 pages in length, not including title page, tabl

The final paper should be 15 20 pages in length, not including title page, table of content, and bibliography. The font size should be no larger than 12 point in APA format, and the margins on the top, bottom, left, and right side of the page should be no larger than one inch. Include title page, page numbers, section headings, and reference page in APA 7th edition format.
The paper must have at least 12 references that are cited according to APA guidelines. There should be citations throughout the paper, as well as a bibliography. 
The paper will demonstrate the students ability to use clear and concise writing at the college level.
The paper will include appropriate visual components (that are referenced in the paper)- graphs, charts, diagrams, etc.
You will choose the Topic for your paper during Week 1. The paper should encompass the course materials learned throughout the students bachelor-level academic career. The paper must show a thoughtful, in-depth application of Business concepts. It must identify the important business concepts and provide information on how the concepts correlate with professional business skills. The papers argument must incorporate critical and analytical explanation about business topics and must show a strong understanding of business regulatory and ethical practices.  New, accurate researched information must be presented in the paper that builds upon the business topic.
Subject materials may include but are not limited to: marketing, finance, accounting, and management.
The paper will automatically be submitted to Safe Assign upon submission to be checked for plagiarism. You must receive a Similarity Score of 30% or lower. If your score is higher than 30%, you must revise until you receive the desired score.
Submit your final paper via the Final Paper assignment link under Week 3 by Sunday Week 3 at 11:59 pm. The first draft of your paper is due Sunday by Week 2.
Paper Format
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Graphs, Charts, Visuals, etc…
Reference Page

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