1- Proceed to indicate which desk you will be speaking from. In addition, explai

1- Proceed to indicate which desk you will be speaking from. In addition, explain why you selected that particular desk. (Again, if it helps, suppose you are being asked to answer this question in a job interview.)
2- Tell the producers which two articles you selected as finalists. What are the titles, where did they come from, and who are the authors? When were the pieces published?
3- Provide an overview of each article. What are the main points? What are the important details? What is notable about each?
4-Identify which article is your top pick. What made it more important, innovative, cool, etc.? Justify your choice with clear and sound criteria.
End your pitch in an engaging and professional manner.
Communication & Critical Analysis
Summarize your articles succinctly, highlighting what you believe to be most important, relevant, and interesting.
Demonstrate your understanding of HR by discussing your content accurately and drawing on foundational HR content, as needed.
Project your voice and be clearly audible. If you cannot be clearly heard, your message will be lost.
Record in a place free from distractions, as there should be no noticeable background noise.
Demonstrate your interest. Although this is hard to quantify, a little enthusiasm goes a long way.
While you may certainly provide a few quotes, describe the content in your own words.
Your communication should be consistent with standards for professional business communication.

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