Chapter 3 1. Should there be a more precise definition of reasonable accommodati

Chapter 3
1. Should there be a more precise definition of reasonable accommodation in the Americans with Disabilities Act? Why or why not?
2. Why is sexual harassment so prevalent in the healthcare environment? What can be done to break this historical pattern?
3. Have federal antidiscrimination laws gone too far? Should public policy in the United States seek a return to employment-at-will?
4. What does “public policy exception to employment-at-will” mean?
5. Because employee handbooks may be used to contest a disciplinary procedure, what advice would you give to a workgroup developing an employee handbook?
6. Under what circumstances would you use a progressive discipline process? When would you choose not to use such a procedure?
7. Given the great risks to the public that can result from the work of an impaired healthcare worker, should random drug testing be used in all healthcare organizations? Why or why not?
8. Consider the case of a physician who has been practicing for 15 years and is one of the few well-established physicians in a small community. How would you respond if you learned about this physician’s abuse of alcohol or drugs?
Chapter 4
1. Why should healthcare executives conduct a job analysis? What purpose does it serve?
2. What are job descriptions and job specifications? What is their relationship to job analysis? What do you think will happen if a healthcare organization decides not to use any job descriptions?
3. How can the existence of a high-quality job analysis make a particular human resources function, such as employee selection, less legally vulnerable?
4. Are healthcare jobs static, or do they change over time? What may cause a job to change over time? What implications does this change have for job analysis?
5. Describe and discuss future-oriented job analysis and generic job analysis. How may each be used to help healthcare executives cope with a rapidly changing and competitive environment? What are some potential pitfalls of each approach?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using multiskilled health practitioners?
7. Refer to the work team types in Exhibit 4.4. What types of work teams are most appropriate for achieving which objectives in the healthcare industry? Cite at least one successful team effort in healthcare and in professional sports.
8. Select one healthcare position with which you are familiar. What work schedule innovations make the most sense for this position? Why?

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