• Choose a current public health subject for your paper. This may be related to

• Choose a current public health subject for your paper. This may be related to a county, state, or national issue. The paper topic SHOULD NOT be the same topic as your book review. 
• Get your health topic approved by the professor by January 24 via email. The professor will limit certain topics if they are chosen by too many students. Be original in picking out your topic. Write on something you don’t already know. 
Textbook Examples
• Highlight three examples from Epidemiology 101 and explain how these relate to your research subject. The text book can only count as one reference. 
Content Requirements
• Introduction-The paper should include the description of the situation, the impact of the issue, and what is currently being done or not being done about this issue. Label your sections!
• Impact-The paper must include 4 examples of why this issue impacts our society’s well- being. Four reasons!!
• Examples-The paper must include 2 examples of what the government and/or health care systems are doing or need to do to improve health care processes as they pertain to this issue
• Quotes-The paper should include 2 direct quotes from reputable sources. These can be found from written, verbal interviews (preferred), or digital sources.
• Literature review-The paper should include a section on your research-synthesize topics. 
For the paper use the criteria listed below:
• Use Times New Roman font only
• 12-point font size
• Double spaced
• The paper will be written in APA style.
• Title page with running head
• The body of the paper should be no more than 5 pages-pages of writing, not including references
Reference page:
• The references used in the paper should come from a variety of sources.
• Use a minimum of 6 sources. Epidemiology 101 can satisfy only one source.
• All references must be published within the past 5-years. You may use one reference from a professional internet site. This internet content should have an author to be a credible source.
• Use at least one reference from a governmental agency
• Please do not use information from an anonymous source!
Use APA 7th edition.

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