Construct a paper that connects historical events from the sixteenth century (15

Construct a paper that connects historical events from the sixteenth century (1500s) to at least TWO of our five course themes. Begin with an introductory paragraph (about 5-7 sentences) outlining your central thesis statement, as well as an overview of how you plan to prove your argument. The next several paragraphs will comprise the body of the paper; use each of these paragraphs (approximately 5-7 sentences each) to discuss and analyze a specific historical example (where, when, and by whom), drawing on evidence from class lectures, readings, or videos. Your body paragraphs should focus on one main historic example and contain evidence (cited) from a class source, as well as your own explicit analysis explaining how this event connects to one of our course themes. Since you are invoking specific examples as evidence for the body paragraphs, each should contain a Chicago-Style footnote for the source from which you obtained your information. Finally, the closing paragraph should be a conclusion (about 5-7 sentences) summing up why each of your historic events broached within the paper are important in understanding connections to course themes you discussed, as well as what they tell you about the sixteenth century and/or how you see parallels to the present. In addition, include a separate works cited page with Chicago-Style bibliographic citations for each source you consulted. Consult the “pages” tab in Canvas for proper Chicago Manual of Style formatting of your chosen sources, whether it is a lecture, journal article, or video. Be careful to also note the subtle formatting differences between footnote and bibliographic citations (e.g. author name order, punctuation, etc.).
This essay must be 2-3 double-spaced pages (excluding footnotes, bibliography, title pages, etc.), 12-pt. Times New Roman font, and include evidence from course lectures/readings with proper footnote citations. DO NOT double-space between footnotes. The paper should incorporate a variety of evidence from lectures, readings, and/or videos. Limit your evidence to class sources. Use of outside sources will be counterproductive to your grade for this assignment. Submit your completed document as a .docx or .pdf file in the dropbox for this assignment by the due date assigned.
-Rennaisance era
-Iberia and conquest
-Spanish Colonial Expansion

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