Draft Literature Review Assignment A literature review includes relevant researc

Draft Literature Review Assignment
A literature review includes relevant research and policy informing a thesis statement or research question.  In our case, it is peer reviewed literature and policy that supports your call to action.  You are writing a persuasive paper, but you will need evidence to support your position.  Research studies and education policy are your best allies to create a strong foundation for the action you wish to take to address a digital inequity in your community. 
The Literature Review should address the following items:  
1)  Defining digital divide or digital inequity as an issue in your context – this will likely include a definition and the nature of today’s divides
2)  Research and Policy regarding the divide you are focusing on in your Call to Action – the nature of that divide, who is impacted, what are the outcomes of this digital inequity.
3)  What does research and policy offer to address the divide?  This will come for the findings and recommendations of peer reviewed studies and official policy documents. This is a place to discuss the variety of options available to address the divide.  Do not limit your discussion to a single solution here.  You will focus on promising practices for you community in next week’s assignment.
As you construct your literature review section of the Call to Action consider the following questions:
What is the dividing factor you will focus on?  What research has been conducted to describe the nature of this divide and address this inequity?
What are the possible consequences for the community if this inequity is not addressed?
What approaches have others taken to mitigate this inequity?  What policy guidance or evidence-based practices have been offered to address the digital inequity?
Writing a Literature Review 
UC Santa Cruz
University of Guelph
Sample Literature Reviews
Tips for your Literature Review
Third person voice (https://rasmussen.libanswers.com/faq/32730)
No opinions, content must be connected to policy or evidence-based (peer-reviewed) research and cited (APA Format). Recent studies (five years old or less) are preferable.
Paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting sources: https://writing.wisc.edu/handbook/assignments/quotingsources/
Use direct quotations sparingly.

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