Ethical Problem-Solving Write an essay (1500 words maximum, double-spaced) with

Ethical Problem-Solving
Write an essay (1500 words maximum, double-spaced) with two main sections:
Section 1: in less than 500 words describe a problem or decision with an ethical dimension and its context that you are working on in your personal or professional life. This must be a problem that you, as an individual, want to resolve for yourself, not for an organization, including the one for which you work.  
Include a very specific and clear one-sentence statement of the specific problem you plan to address, and then state an over-arching question for you to work to resolve.  Make sure that your question does not have just a yes/no answer  (such as, Should I —?), but rather is stated in a way to require you to look at all alternative actions (e.g., What should I do about —?).  
Section 2: spend this section discussing how you plan to resolve the question or problem you have selected, keeping in mind both the personal and broader societal ethical parameters we have discussed. 
If you have already resolved the question or problem, discuss what you did and why, including the steps in the process you followed in your ethical reflection and decision-making, and the effects of your decision.  Pay particular attention to the steps related to considering different options and to considering ALL viewpoints. Also, be sure to challenge all of your assumptions.  If you have not yet resolved it, discuss the steps you have taken and what you plan to do in the future to continue to work on resolving it. You are NOT required to resolve your problem
The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn to identify and describe a specific problem that has ethical dimensions, using ethical reasoning and critical thinking. 

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