First of all thank you so much for your help! I am applying to school psychology

First of all thank you so much for your help!
I am applying to school psychology masters program. The prompt is to answer this question within 500 words: 
What characteristics do you believe you possess that will enable you to succeed in the program?
1. In the essay I want to emphasize my achievements in a narrative/story format.  (However, if you think a nnon story format would create a stronger essay then that works as well)
2. The essay I want it to relate to specifically the school psychology program, which is foundational instruction in methods of intervention and psychoeducational assessment and typically conclude with supervised fieldwork experiences that synthesize acquired knowledge and skill, emphasis on special needs programs in school.
3. I would like to highlight my work at ACES, academic comprehensive educational services for children on the spectrum (autism)
4. I have added my resume if you need specifications on certain achievements. 
5. Feel free to change or remove anything to make it sound better. 
I would like you to rewrite this with the above in mind: 
What characteristics do you believe you possess that will enable you to succeed in the program?
I was a bonafide superstar coming into college going to biomedical engineering, thinking I am going to create prosthetics and be amazing. Arriving, I find that the work is already done, news came out that they were able to use a chimp and he was using brain electrical signals to control a robotic prosthetic arm.  Throughout my time at school, my dedication waned, and I found myself even more involved with clubs focused on mentoring. In my junior year I became the programs coordinator for the national society of engineers. However, during this time, my demotivation for school and my major and my complete submersion into success of others than myself. I even traveled to oakland and worked as a teacher, introducing the concept of engineers to mid school. I began to see the struggles and school, and the pressure to stay in engineering be peers and family culture. 
It was until my senior year, becoming president of my national society of  black engineer club that I had 0 interest in engineering and more a passion for helping others. This is where I became a dropout and decided to move closer to my family as I worked with kids with autism. My pay was nowhere touching my peers but the relationship I built working at home with kids, I found a great passion with and became honored as a member of some of the families I worked with. One of my clients family i have been working with had a misdiagnosed client; however, I was able to identify no signs of autism, at least that needed ample amounts of services, for but because I was close to the family and had such a trusting relationship i was able to help guide a pivotal decision, in the families life, being able to see how it impacted the whole family is one of my most prized experienced I would never have gotten, telling a chimp to give me a high 5 with a prosthetic arm. Although I bet many would argue. 
My submersion into something i believed in has created a new student, as I entered csumb, with terrible grades from a major i had no interest in the courses I was taking were so connected to how I can be better at helping others that my terrible grades, almost turned into a 4.0 csumb overall gpa. I am becoming the organized ideal student that I was not as an engineering student.
The difficulties that I have faced through school, which I used to be upset about, has now become one of my greatest strengths. I have used to connect at my job at gear up, to understand the difficulties a student faces, as well as the motivations needed to move one closer to success. My ability to work with the principal of seaside, to make for students as an academic advising tutor with gear up will help. 

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